Case Studies


Oxford Westgate Shopping Centre – BDP and Allies & Morrison

This project is noteworthy for the specification coordination between the two principal design protagonists whereby Stephen provided a conduit between the two teams to rationalise systems common to both designers across their respective buildings.

Al Rayaan 2022 World Cup Stadium – Populous

In common with Case Study 1, in addition to the preparation for architectural specifications in a Middle East adapted CSI format, the contract demanded a fully coordinated specification across the entire design group. To facilitate this, a guidance document was drafted and issued to the stakeholder consultants prescribing the nomenclature and format required for their respective specifications. Many of the specifications from the other consultants were numbered such that had to be almost seamlessly woven within the architectural portions. Again, this was another role able to be alleviated from the Lead Architect.

An interesting aside on this project was orientating the specification such that it paid homage to the national specification, QCS which whilst technically robust in civil/groundwork/landscaping matters, is not as extensive in architecture as one would wish. The spec therefore was crafted such that in scenarios whereupon conflict arose between requirements stated in the project technical specification and the QCS, the more onerous obligation was to be provided.